I’m here to take the frustration out of your job search and provide you with the absolute best tools to stand out in the hyper-competitive job market.

Thomas Wolff Chief Resume Writer

Thomas Wolff
Chief Resume Writer

Since earning the Certified Professional Resume Writer designation in 2003, I’ve worked with 2,000+ clients to help them identify, understand and communicate their unique value proposition in the workplace.

We’re not the biggest executive resume writing company out there, or the cheapest, but I’m confident that there aren’t many competitors out there who can match the level of engagement and the value that we provide to each and every one of our clients.


Thomas’s Bio

Like most professional resume writers, the job found me rather than vice versa. My first position out of college was as a copy editor for advertising agency, and since entry-level agency jobs aren’t known for their high salaries, I quickly started looking for a way to make some additional income on the side.

In college, I had helped numerous friends put together their first resume and several of them I suggested trying to take on some paying clients. The rest, as they say, is history.

Thomas is a graduate of Truman State University and lives with his wife, daughter, and miniature schnauzer in Kansas City, MO.

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