Case Study – Academic

Client: “Rhonda” was a recent US transplant from England and was looking to get a job as an adjunct professor at a local business school. In England, she had been a lecturer for a number of years and additionally ran a small consulting and executive consulting business on the side. Her existing resume/CV was a laundry list of different teaching engagement and consulting gigs that didn’t provide the reader with a clear focus of what she wanted to do or how her unique experiences made her a great candidate for her targeted positions.

What we did: Rhonda’s resume received a complete overhaul where we zeroed in on landing an adjunct professor opening. We crafted an opening Summary of Qualifications that highlighted her previous teaching experience and expertise in developing cutting-edge curricula as well as her ability to bring real-world consulting experience into a classroom setting. We consolidated and separated her teaching, corporate, and research experience and focused on defining her impact in each area. The resume went from a rambling four-page document into a concise two-page resume.

Before Version and After Version

Results: Rhonda was able to book several interviews with local business schools and was even to tweak the resume to bring in a couple of new consulting clients.

Testimonial: “Hire this Man! Excellent service worth every penny. Professional, friendly and knowledgeable”