Case Study – Marketing Consultant

Client: “Wendy” became a client after she got fed up from sending out dozens of resumes with zero response. For the last few years, she had worked as a freelancer on multiple long-term projects and was now looking to transition into more of a traditional, full-time role in a company’s marketing department. Her resume was pretty thin and not doing its job of explaining to potential employers how her various freelance/consulting experience would uniquely positions her for a new role as a full-time employee.

What we did: We opened her resume with a strong Summary of Qualification to detail what specific marketing experience she has, the diversity of her client experiences, and how she can leverage content marketing and social media to help and organization communicate its brand. Rather than listing each freelance gig like its own separate job, we created her own “marketing consultancy” and listed each freelance assignment as a unique engagement. Now, she looked more like a business owner who was effectively serving her client base rather than a freelancer who took whatever came her way.

Before Version and After Version

Results: The biggest difference came from the confidence that Wendy gained after seeing her new resume. She has booked several interviews and will certainly be entertaining multiple job offers.

Testimonial: From the client – “Tom – this is great! I have poured over it and really can’t find anything that I think should be changed. Wow – Thank you!” From her brother (who referred her) – “Thank you for helping Wendy out with her resume. She is really excited about it, and she seems more optimistic and excited about her job prospects than she has in a long time.”