Eleven Must-Read Books for The Serious Job Searcher

Back in the days before I had a wife, two little girls, a growing business, and a honey-do list the size of Texas, I used to read a lot. I even got to read for pleasure. Now, I only get to read in those precious few minutes of solace before going to bed.

I do my best to keep up on the newest books in the personal branding and job search categories, and the following list represents what I think are the best books to help the ambitious professional excel in their job search.

HeadStrongBookHeadstrong: The Keys To A Confident And Positive Attitude During Job Search by Tim Tyrell-Smith A typical executive-level job search lasts an average of six to nine months, which means there will likely be some periods of disappointment and frustration. Tim Tyrell-Smith’s book lays out a nice blueprint to help you keep a positive frame of mind to endure the job search grind.

LinkedIn Founder’s Advice to New Graduates

Ben Casnocha, Reid Hoffman’s co-writer for their recent book The Start-Up of You, posted an excellent Slideshare presentation that gives some direct and honest advice to new graduates about how to approach your career in today’s rapidly evolving job market.

In the presentation Hoffman, acknowledges that college is supposed to prepare graduates for the workforce, but the traditional work world is changing faster than ever and graduates are finding themselves ill-prepared. Hoffman outlines three critical areas that all new graduates need to carefully consider as they choose their career path.