Cover Letters

No matter what your unique job search correspondence needs may be, we can write a personalized cover letter to meet them. From broadcast letters to recruiter letters and thank you letters, we provide assistance in creating a full range of marketing materials and tools for your job search.

cover letter imageDon’t underestimate the cover letter

Job seekers often overlook the cover letter. While it’s true that not every company requires a cover letter, some companies still place tremendous value on them. So, you better have one. The  letter gives you an opportunity to communicate why you would be a good fit for a specific job in a specific organization.

Types of cover letters include:

  • Application Letter: Written to apply for a specific job opening
  • Referral Cover Letter: Mentions the name of a person who referred you to a job
  • Letter of Interest: Inquires about possible job openings at a company
  • Networking letter: Requests job search advice and assistance from your contacts

We highly recommend customizing each letter, but we try to make that as easy as possible by giving you a solid foundation to work with. By giving you a letter that is easy to tweak for different positions, we eliminate the need for you to start from scratch each time. Cover letters are included in standard resume packages.

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