Executive Resume Samples

Below you will find some real-life case studies and executive resume samples that showcase the tremendous difference we can make with our clients. Each case study includes a synopsis of the client’s unique challenges, details of how we approached the project, before and afters of the resume, and the client’s testimonial.

Sales Representative – Mike – This client had been successful in previous roles but neglected to quantify his achievements. Also, he had a number of short-term positions and needed a strategy to minimize that stigma with hiring managers.

Marketing Consultant – Wendy – Wendy had held numerous simultaneous freelancing engagements and was struggling to position herself for a full-time role with a larger organization. We came up with a pretty nifty way to capitalize on the diversity of her freelance assignments and put a plan in place to move into a more traditional full-time position.

Academic – Rhonda – Rhonda had recently made the move from the United Kingdom to the US and was looking for a new CV to help secure an adjunct professor position with a local business school. She had a good amount of previous teaching experience at the college level as well as real world business experience and needed her CV to show universities the unique value she could bring to their business department.

Senior Product Manager – Bob – Bob was looking to leverage his new Executive MBA with his solid track record managing multimillion-dollar product lines to position himself as a candidate for a high-level strategy or product management position with a company outside of his current industry.

New Graduate – Steve – Steve was in his senior year of college and needed an outstanding resume to start sending out to prospective employers. We were able to focus on his academics and relevant extra-curricular activities to create and interview-winning resume.