How We Work

The Process

As a high-end resume service, we try to make the process as easy as possible. However, this is a very collaborative process, and the more information and feedback we get from you along the way, the better the end result will be. Most of our clients embrace the opportunity to create personal marketing tools that really tell their story and position them for the next step in their career.

Resume Writing Process:

1) Gather key information: The key to a successful resume outcome is the quality of information used to prepare the resume document. While we do add important relevant information not provided by our clients, we will need to obtain additional information through various avenues. Any one of the following methods may be used to obtain the important information.

  • Past Resumes and Cover Letters
  • Key Information Questionnaire
  • Phone Consultation and Interview
  • Personal Profiles and Summaries


2) Review, Strategize, and Outline: After information and data is received, we thoroughly review for clarity to ensure we understand your employment goals and objectives. We follow up immediately should additional information be needed to complete your resume. When we are confident all information has been obtained relevant to experience, employment, education, and skills we utilize our employment industry expertise to formulate and outline a strategy to achieve maximum resume effectiveness.

3) Resume Development: The resume development process is the integration of information obtained coupled with our extensive knowledge in employment, hiring, recruitment, and writing to structure a high impact personal marketing document. Each resume is written and formatted by a highly qualified team of professionals with extensive and diverse experience in the employment industry.

  • A strategically packaged and powerful headline, summary, competencies, and highlights.
  • An exceptionally appealing, functional, professional, and high impact resume structure.
  • Skillfully worded job descriptions and bullet points that influence HR and hiring managers.
  • Inclusion of items employers look for and removal of items that have a negative effect.


4) Present and Finalize: The completed resume is emailed and presented to our clients for critical review by the end of the following calendar day after receiving the required information. Suggestions, changes, and feedback is welcomed and integrated into the resume, thus ensuring the resume exceeds expectations. Upon approval, we email completed resume documents in Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, and Text formats.

Resume Review Process:

1) You purchase the Resume Review Package here.

2) You will receive an email with a link to a form. This email should be sent within 2 minutes, but, in rare occasions, can take longer if paypal / google checkout takes longer to confirm your payment. The email will come from thomas AT

3) Thomas Wolff will personally conduct a review of your resume with 24 – 48 hours. He is a Certified Professional Resume Writer with more than 9 years of experience writing resumes for clients at all levels. He knows exactly what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for and will give you all the advice and tools you need to impress them. If he doesn’t feel that you need substantial changes to your resume, he simply refunds you. No harm done!

4) Along with the review, you will also receive a hand-picked resume template, a list of recommended changes, and some samples that are relevant to your industry and position.

5) You update your resume with these changes, and send it back to Thomas, who does a second pass on your resume. This process continues until your resume is “perfect.” Usually this takes 3 – 5 passes. (We have never imposed a limit on the number of “passes,” and wouldn’t unless it got excessive.)

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