Infographic – How Applicant Tracking Systems Read a Resume

One of the pillars of an effective, well-written executive resume is the usage of relevant keywords that can be easily read and processed by a company’s Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Companies set ATS parameters to automate the resume screening process by searching for relevant keywords and phrases that they’re looking for in potential candidates.

Unfortunately, these systems can only read a text-based resume with clear headers and body content. Meaning, job seekers who are sending out graphics-heavy resumes or the trendy infographic resumes are at a major disadvantage when trying to break through the ATS firewall.

Below is an infographic from that details how a resume is processed by an ATS. Enjoy!


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  • Ayesha Brown

    Great article!
    Applicant tracking systems are super important to consider when you’re job searching, these 8 tips really helped me when I started my job search. Really useful info.