Managing Expectations for Your Resume Writer

One thing I tell every potential client I speak with is that creating a truly great resume is a process. Sure, there are instances when I can just take a client’s existing resume, and with little bit of input, turn it into masterpiece (not to toot my own horn…). But more often than not, it might take a round of two of revisions until we can consider the project complete. Why? Because I’ve probably never actually met you in person, worked with you in any capacity, or performed the exact same job function. But that doesn’t mean that I still can’t create a great resume for you. It will just take a little bit more time and communication for me to really understand the scope of your job, what you accomplished, and how I can best position you for the next step in your career.

Does this mean that you’re better off finding a friend or co-worker who knows you well to write your resume for you? Absolutely not. There are numerous benefits to having a stranger (who is also a professional resume writer) handle the project. First, it’s much easier for somebody you don’t have a personal relationship with you to remain objective about your background and skill set. Second, you should be able to give much more honest feedback throughout the process since you won’t have to worry about hurting a stranger’s feelings like you might with a friend. And finally, chances are you aren’t friends with somebody who writes high-level resumes for a living and understands all the nuances associated with creating such a document.

The moral of the story – be patient and collaborative throughout the process, and I can almost guarantee that in the end, you’ll be happy with the result. If you see that we’ll need to make some changes to the first draft, understand that that is just part of the process. Ultimately, we always get it right, but we need your help to get there.

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