Resume Review

In addition to our complimentary resume review, we also offer a much more in-depth and robust resume review service that we package with the tools and knowledge you need to update your resume on your own.

careerchalkboardAt Resume Mastermind, we firmly believe that the vast majority of professionals are capable of writing their own resume – and writing it well. However, most people don’t understand the nuances that go into making a resume a winner versus a resume that gets tossed in the trash bin. This is where we come in.

Within one business day of submitting your resume for a resume review, you’ll receive a video resume review delivered via Screencast software, a detailed improvement plan, a beautiful new resume design, and ongoing support from our team.

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When you receive your resume review package, you won’t receive a sales hook that persuades you to purchase our resume writing services. We’re focused on giving you everything you need to help you refine your resume on your own and ensure it maximizes your chances of getting hired.

Specifically, you get:

Comprehensive Video Resume Review

We will conduct the resume review with screencast software that will enable us to to deliver a video that goes line by line through the resume and gives you great insight into its strengths and weaknesses. Rather than just giving you a written report, we facilitate more of a conversation that helps you understand what’s working and what’s not.

Customized Resume Improvement Plan

Based on the critique, we will provide you with a detailed list of ideas to help transform your resume. Recommendations will focus primarily on major structural, grammatical, and content changes.

New Resume Design

We will hand-select a new resume design that will work best for your experience level and industry. The new design takes the guesswork out of formatting and enables you to quickly and easily insert the right content in the right places.

Ongoing Support

Once you’ve implemented our suggested changes in your new design, you are welcome to resubmit for another review to ensure that all content and formatting is on target.

Buy Now – $149