The Truth About Resume Templates

I’ve seen more than a few resume writers who claim that they don’t use resume templates and that every resume is written completely from scratch. It’s a bit confusing to me because I don’t really see any benefit to not using a template. I have a dozen or so resume design frameworks that I use for about 90% of the clients I work with…because they work! It makes very little sense to start with a blank Word doc and just wing it, creating text boxes and experimenting with borders and fonts as I go along, because I know that I have a file full of “templates” that make the writing process much, much easier.


Imagine if your tax accountant told you that he wasn’t going to use some of the tried and true forms or worksheets to file your taxes. Or your home builder wasn’t going to build your home using plans for similar homes in the subdivision. I’d question their sanity because they’re making their jobs much more difficult than it has to be.

Now I can assure you that 100% of the content is completely unique and that the strategy in place to make the resume stand out is uniquely tailored to your specific background in goals. True professionals use tools…and know how to customize them appropriately for each client. Using a design framework saves time, and ultimately for the client, money. If I had to start each resume project with a blank Word doc, I’d have to double my prices because it would take twice as long to complete each project.

So if you ever hear a writer say that their firm doesn’t use resume templates. Ask why not.

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