Writing a Winning Resume for an Experienced Worker

You have a few years of work experience under your belt. Perhaps it’s more than a few years. You need a fresh start or just a new opportunity to sink your teeth into but you aren’t having any luck. Could it be your resume isn’t showing off your experience properly? Perhaps you are not looking so hot to a recruiter. With a few expert resume writing tips, you could end up with a fantastic resume that gets the call back time and time again.

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How To Approach The Dates

One of the biggest problems older workers have is trying to fill in a resume with consecutive dates. You may even feel like you have to go through your work history and list out every single place you’ve worked, when you worked there or how long you worked there. That’s not necessary. Here are some tips to keep in mind:


  • Most of the time, recruiters are interested in the last 10 to 15 years. They don’t need or even want to look back 25, 30 or more years over your history. Don’t include something that’s too far back unless it really shows a valuable skill you’ve learned or earned.
  • Watch your length. If you have decades of experience, it’s easy to find yourself with page after page of work history. That’s a turn off instantly to any recruiter. Who wants to go through pages of material for 10, 15, or even dozens of applicants? Keep it short and concise instead.
  • Are you worried about your education? Sure, you were graduating high school about the same time the recruiter was born. It’s more important to list where you went to school and what you accomplished there. Leave the dates off your education. You don’t want the recruiter to think it’s too outdated either.


Don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to remember all of those dates. It’s better to keep the copy clean and simple to read and understand.

Which Format Is Best?

It’s ideal to choose a reverse chronological format. In other words, keep your more recent working experience at the top. You’ll want to ensure that the most relevant experience is listed so that the recruiter can easily see exactly what you have to offer and why you are a good choice for the company. Don’t overlook the importance of this. Functional formats, on the other hand, tend to allow red flags to stick out. Do you really have the necessary experience and skill? The reverse chronological format is often the ideal choice because it simply makes you look good.

What Are Your Accomplishments?

One of the biggest mistakes a more experienced worker can make is having an “experienced” style resume. Yes, you have worked 30 years and that’s a good thing. But, having a “back in the day” conversation with a recruiter, isn’t going to help you to land the job. Recruiters want you to be vibrant, modern, and up to date in your education and job skills.

That’s why it’s so valuable to ensure your resume shows your accomplishments rather than the number of years you’ve worked at a location. Here are some tips to help with this aspect:


  • What did you do at your last job that was above the norm?
  • What is the highest position you’ve held during your career? What title did you hold?
  • What did you help your previous employer to accomplish, earn, or achieve?
  • Did you break a sales record? Did you launch a new product?


Even if it is a small accomplishment in the grand scheme of things, it’s still going to be valuable if you’ve done it. Make sure your resume focuses on this rather than how many years you’ve worked at the company.

Using Technology Can Help

The next thing to ensure you’ve included in your resume is your technology experience. A big mistake you can make as an older worker is to leave this option. Why? It’s simple. Most recruiters are using technology to find candidates. Even more importantly, if you are an experienced worker, you may seem out of touch with the use of technology. You don’t want to be seen as someone with no ability to flip on a computer!

  • Incorporate any and all software you know how to use in your resume.
  • Ensure any type of application that’s industry-specific is mentioned in your resume. Be sure this is an up to date, modern list.
  • Include links to your social media profiles – if you don’t have them, create them. If you have a blog, include that, too.

This shows you are skilled and capable of using modern technology. That’s a key component in nearly all situations.

Design It Right

Finally, be sure the design of your resume is modern, contemporary, and easy to read. Writing a resume for an experienced worker doesn’t have to be hard nor do you have to do this on your own. Turn to a recruiter or hiring manager you know for feedback on your resume. On the other hand, you can hire a resume writer to handle the job for you. This type of resume is going to turn heads and get attention. That’s exactly what you need to land the perfect job.



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